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Parental Guidance:- The contents of this website may have depictions or language which parents may wish to review in respect of allowing children to view.

Age guidance for this website is 16+

Content is honest depictions of characters and situations but excludes over graphic violence or sexual content without corrupting the story.

No drama depictions will be any worse than an average night viewing on television on for example C4 or BBC3., and will be age relevant.

    Where the work is based in historic scenarios it may depict the attitudes, actions, and language of the depicted period.. A strong moral compass is applied within all work within the project - but acting can be and often is controversial as it depicts life in all its many forms.  

All actors can opt-out of characters they do not wish to perform and work is only displayed online if those taking part wish it to be so.



this website is in early development

Welcome to InvisAble Me a new multi media project from the foundation projects The Halfling Project and act4ward created by William David.

InvisAble Me is located in Bedfordshire England MK43 0XP