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Welcome to the new website for the project InvisAble Me, and to this the news and views section.

After more delays than Brexit InvisAble Me officially begins its summer work on August 1st 2019.

As always the website often suffers from lack of attention as the work builds but I will try to keep up to date as far as my diary allows.

After the very hot July week that brought us sunshine and Boris Johnson, I am settling into the planning required to make InvisAble Me work.

Whilst InvisAble Me does not replace act4ward it does currently get priority over it. That said the work is broadly interchangeable. The aim is that InvisAble Me takes aspects from both the Halfling project and act4ward and bring it together in multimedia form.

Most of the early work is being completed at "The Station" and with the outstanding efforts of Luke Blackmore and James D illustration and early progress work can be seen within this website.

I am not intending to release work as we produce, but instead wait until that set of work is completed.

This is quite different from how I handled work previously with open series.

The most important aspect of InvisAble Me is those taking part, and what they personally gain from it - in my experience if my are happy and enjoy working here then I get great results too.

Casting is key - be it those with no drama experience to those who have worked with me before, and those working young actors getting involved. Help from those who have previously worked within act4ward is appreciated too.

So here we go then the project has landed and is ready for action.

William David - 31st July 2019


August 6th 2019

I have made the decision to set the casting age for InvisAble Me at 16+ but with the bulk of that cast likely to be over 18.

This gives the project the greatest freedom to build wide-ranging content, and allows the website to be comprehensive in content with an advised viewer age of 16+. I wish the content to remain open access at this point.