Photography  &  invisAble Me



InvisAble Me is a multimedia project.

Those taking part will more often than not. be featured in video, still images and audio work.

Wiliam David began as a photography venture - with video only coming into the work with The halfling project.

Indeed the camera which shoots the video can now also be the camera to shoot the stills.

I still love stills photography and include it wherever I can .

Sometimes it is the core work, but more often it is secondary to video.

Headshots are ofcourse an exception, as these are a conventional photoshoot.

This section covers photography mainly but not exclusively for invisAble me.

It also looks at the equipment, the history and the technical side of producing photographs and not just image grabs from video footage. 



Image Top Left:- James D - Project promotional image

Bottom left:- James Luke & William D video grab shot

Bottom right:- James D "circus kid" - stills image [IMe]

Bottom Lower:- James D - From video screen shot

Bottom Right:- Actor Luke Blackmore



The image on the left was by intention showing James as a "cut out" from the background.

This was achieved by chroma key processing against a green screen.