drama - with invisable me


The vast majority of youngsters are introduced to drama via school, and more often than not by an agenda of school musicals.

Problem is whilst for many this is great - other just hate song and dance - so, in turn, they feel they hate acting.

Add to this the number who then have set English of Shakespeare and An inspector Calls and they run away from any thoughts of being an actor.

One of the differences between the work here at the station and traditional acting groups is that we concentrate on dramatic acting and more often than not improvised acting. If is built around the individual and it is built around actually enjoying the time here.

Some are actors on their way into the industry others, at the start did not even know they could act but just find they love it.

i always stress that i do not consider what we do as actor training - more an acting experience and a chance to self discover and build up personal self-confidence. 

As many young performers are on the autistic spectrum - we use their special talents provided often by the spectrum to see them advance and grow both in confidence and ability - with a high level of understanding as to who they are and why they act and feel as they do.

It is as always important to stress that work here is open to everyone within the age range - subject to a simple selection process.

InvisAble Me has no hidden charges for those starting out - it really has no fee's attached - all that is asked is you work hard and help make the project a success.