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Although many taking part may be from a special needs background - the cast will be fully mixed to avoid singling out individuals. They will become actors and they will play characters not themselves.

Whilst there may be sections which are attributed to that persons experiences it will be their choice for such recognition.

Taking part is open to boys from around 15 up or mixed groups. Some castings will also take place for girls to work on particular drama scenarios.


About taking part in invisable me

Taking part in the project InvisAble Me is open to boys aged from 15 - 25 and mixed groups. Younger participants may be accepted upon parental/guardian application.

It is designed to be inviting to all those who have the enthusiasm to take part or wish to give it a try.

No formal acting experience is required, indeed that is actually rather the point, to introduce drama to those new to it as well as build on the experience with those more advanced.

Some aspects of the work may be photography, others video or quite likely a blend of both.

Creative input is encouraged both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Most early work and introductions will take place at "The Station" in Bedfordshire.

An introduction day - is one day to experience how things work and see if you want to continue if asked to do so. Following pages will cover castings and applications in more detail, but please feel free to ask questions by e.mail if you want more information