If you don't understand you

How can you expect others too?.

"InvisAble Me" began as a workshop drama for young actors in 2013.

The spelling is intentional.

it was set to bring attention to "being different" and centered on a 13 year old boy Trent and his family, friends and school.

Updated now as a title for joint work between The Halfling project and act4ward - InvisAble Me has a wider brief and a more public viewing.

It is set to be a multi media work using drama with young participants - some from an acting background but others experiencing drama of this kind for the first time.

The main part of the work is video - producing short drama pieces on video with photographic backup.

Whilst the final results are ofcourse important, so is the process of getting there.

Many of those taking part may have special needs and this work may indeed reflect their lives and their fears and progress.

The message ultimately should be a positive one in conclusion but not afraid of the darker aspects of "being different" when growing up





Although many taking part may be from a special needs background - the cast will be fully mixed to avoid singling out individuals. They will become actors and they will play characters not themselves.

Whilst there may be sections which are attributed to that persons experiences it will be their choice for such recognition.

Taking part is open to boys from around 8 up or mixed groups. Some castings will also take place for girls to work om particular drama scenarios.