Although many taking part may be from a special needs background - the cast will be fully mixed to avoid singling out individuals. They will become actors and they will play characters not themselves.

Whilst there may be sections which are attributed to that persons experiences it will be their choice for such recognition.

Taking part is open to boys from around 15 up or mixed groups. Some castings will also take place for girls to work on particular drama scenarios.



Great care is taken within all work by William David that personal care of all those taking part is paramount.

Child protection guidelines are followed and available on request. All those under 16 should have a parent or chaperone in attendance during attendance.

Accepting children will be children risk assessments are made as appropriate erring on the side of caution.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the day.

Hours will be limited in accordance with age.

Those over 18 will work in a safe environment and be advised of any safety concerns during risk assessment. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place for all William David work and William David holds enhanced DBS status.

Should any person have any concerns during working on the project, or it's planned content or context please advise William David where the matter will be taken seriously and acted upon to a satisfactory conclusion.

It is important to William David and the work that the experience of taking part is both enjoyable and fulfilling to all involved.    

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