drama - acting style & invisable me



My approach to Invisable Me and indeed acting generally is to keep things simple. Many actors out there will not agree with this - they have after all done all the homework on acting methods and their implications and applicable genres. But I ask you to remember invisable me is for those just wanting to be involved - find an easy introduction to playing someone else and learning enough to achieve the role. 

So lets give you the option this excellent Raindance link [I totally recommend Raindance by the way] breaks it all down for you - and will even teach you on one of its many courses.

I know it surprises many actor friends that I actually know this stuff - but choose to throw it in the wings and keep things simple.

This I guess comes from a background of working with young and new actors in practical terms and not theory - and indeed working with those who have never tried drama before - my job then is to encourage and not confuse.

So back to the plot - InvisAble Me uses mainly video to produce the results. This can be anything from a short solo piece to a group activity.

Having thought long and hard about how I want to play this I decided to use what in effect is  theatre technique's and presentation for much of the work - with the actors providing the illusion of character and atmosphere.

Lets just stop a moment and look at two distinct styles of acting in the area I work in.

The first is what I call the 2 chairs method [more chairs if more actors] and this is illustrated here by Luke Blackmore and James D

The second video, whilst having a regular "act4ward" face in the episode [Jonathan Thorp] is what I am going to call real-life drama - shot on location depicting real life.

This web drama is called "Our Town" now about to enter it;s 7th series which will feature James D and Craig Bowen [also act4ward ofcourse].

It is written produced directed filmed by Steven Farrell whose interview with Ben Alexander Kippen explain about the series, and how like my work Steve strives to help and encourage new and young talent.


Using the 2 chairs principle - plain or simple background minimum props and improvised acting from a given scenario talked through and then directed by William David

Our Town - The "Eastenders" of Great Yarmouth" acting here is more real life and the locations are real. viewers are encouraged to follow the characters and the storyline episode to episode.

Steve Farrell is interviewed by Ben Alexander Kippen about Our Town [2019] and the making process without any expensive resources.