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It is not easy illustrating a project yet to be producing public material

Great thanks have to go to the continuing hard work of the acting duo Luke Blackmore and James D

They are the public face of InvisAble Me and it is they who form much of the illustration on this website.

Final work and new actors will be introduced slowly as the work builds - but in order not to dilute the impact of the final work only a small part of the output will be made public as we go along.

Luke and James however will help illustrate the ideas and concept, and help me in making ideas into practical end production.

Other key contributors may come from the files of act4ward archive, but whose work is relevent to what invisAble me is illustrating and working towards. These actors have moved on to working in the industry or into a career but have left a lasting contribution to the public open series of work within act4ward. 

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Luke Blackmore

James D

Luke Blackmore is a Spotlight listed actor who has worked with first The Halfling project and then act4ward since he was 14. He is now 18.

James D has no drama background but began helping out in 2015 as a friend and joined InvisAble me this year.

He has a natural talent for acting and performance. and is also 18.