The  How & The Why -

The Aims & The Purpose

Although many taking part may be from a special needs background - the cast will be fully mixed to avoid singling out individuals. They will become actors and they will play characters not themselves.

Whilst there may be sections which are attributed to that persons experiences it will be their choice for such recognition.

Taking part is open to boys from around 15 up or mixed groups. Some castings will also take place for girls to work on particular drama scenarios.

One of the dangers of The Halfling Project has always been it's strong association with autism build the lie that that is all it covers.

In fact that would be impossible as nothing is ever that clearcut.

So it can handle way past it's immediate brief and is not looking for autism in everyone it meets.

However, let it be said - in the field of creative activity autism and associated conditions are not unusual.

It was the high level of autistic young actors suffering from not being diagnosed and therefore confused with the many problems they were having within training or performance which led me 10 years ago to quietly add it to a range of work on a need to know basis. This led years later to the setting up publicly of The Halfling Project.

Whilst this was more public it was important to have a full mix of youngsters both within and not within the spectrum. This way bullying due to participation was less likely as taking part did not label anyone as autistic or with special needs.


The How:-    By building a cast of contributors taking part in the production of InvisAble Me.


The Why:-    To build up personal self-confidence and understanding for the future in the individual.


The Aims:-   To provide a solid groundwork to move forward for the cast and to produce the content for               Invisable Me - in video, sound and photography.

             To provide a fun activity to remember with a purposeful end result. 


Purpose:-    As part of The halfling project it extends knowledge and wellbeing within it's demographic.

             As part of Act4ward, it encourages drama and free thought in the individual player.